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IPI/BIV agent: What does this mean?

IPI/BIV stands for Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents.
Every Belgian who carries out real estate activities as a self-employed person is obliged to have an IPI/BIV certificate. And those who have that certificate are under the supervision of the Professional Institute, which means that they must strictly respect the code of ethics of the real estate agent. In addition, he or she must have professional indemnity insurance. This means that you will be a lot safer with your purchases in the beautiful Spain.

1. Under supervision in Belgium

IPI/BIV agents are supervised by the institute. This means concretely that we have to follow a set of rules, and respect laws, which have all been created to protect the consumer. Surely you want this protection when you make a purchase abroad?!

2. Secure third party account

IPI/BIV agents are compulsorily insured for their activities and have a secure 3rd party account to receive any deposits. This way you don’t have to transfer money to a Spanish organization if you wouldn’t want to.

3. Reliable partner

Any real estate agent selling real estate in Belgium (from an office, home, hotel, …) must be registered at the institute. If you are not registered at the IPI/BIV, it is illegal and you do not benefit from any form of protection. Do you want to check whether your real estate agent is registered at the IPI/BIV? You can do this via

The fight against fake agents

Presentation of the Professional Institute of Real Estate Agents

How can you recognize a IPI/BIV agent?

You can recognize an IPI/BIV agent by its IPI/BIV number. You can type in the name of the agent on the site of or you can type in the number given on the site. Our IPI/BIV number is 511973.

If you would like to check this for your broker. Then click here.

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