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Buying property in Spain without pitfalls

Posted by admin on May 28, 2020

Days are getting shorter, temperatures are getting lower, … We think about the good times: the Spanish sun, the palm trees, lovely walks, good food, in short an increased quality of life.

Autumn and winter are popular periods to buy a second stay under the sun. And we still do this en masse in Spain, with more than 3,000 a year.

Buyers have a clear focus but also let themselves be seduced by nice talk and the accompanying pitfalls.

It is therefore important to be well prepared in advance, and to get an answer;

  • What financial guarantees are there?
  • Are my sights guaranteed?
  • What finishes am I entitled to?
  • What can be found in which region?
  • What protection do I enjoy as a consumer?

In order to guide you carefully, it is therefore important that you work with a Belgian broker who has subscribed to a code of ethics, has liability insurance, is adequately trained, … You will find all these guarantees with a IPI/BIV broker. Check here if your broker is recognized.

INVESTINSPAIN is one of them (BIV No: 511973), and works with a Belgian lawyer on site to conduct a full legal examination of your dream property in your own language!

We advise our clients to first come to our offices in Mechelen or Utrecht for a first acquaintance. Express your wishes and map out a route including a tailor-made inspection trip. In this way you will be prepared for the trip and will encounter as few disappointments as possible.

To view projects and to start looking for your region, please visit our project page. The ins & outs of each project, incl. prices and availability, we will gladly go over them with you during an appointment.

INVESTINSPAIN looks forward to making your dream come true.

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