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Belgians are buying more properties in Spain

Many Belgians buy a second home in Spain and that trend continues. Never before, last year so many Belgians bought a house there. The number of 2018 is 4,108, according to Het Laatste Nieuws. That number has risen 7 times in the last 10 years. It is striking that the Belgian is the biggest buyer when it comes to new construction. As a result, the number of new construction projects has also risen.

The explanation for this remarkable increase in the purchase of houses in Spain by Belgians is the economic growth in their own country and the large amounts on the savings books of the Belgians that can be invested in the Spanish real estate market. Another striking feature is that more and more cash is being paid in
and therefore fewer mortgage loans are taken out. Both existing homes and new-build projects on the Spanish market are popular with Belgians and Dutch people.

The Belgians don’t need to know much about typical rustic Spanish casas, which is why new build projects are quickly sought after. It is not only about studios or apartments. The Belgians like it to be big, with lots of open sea views. 33.1% of the homes sold in 2018 were larger than 100 square metres. The Costa del Sol is also one of the most popular holiday regions, which also explains why the sales figures there are so high.


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