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¿Hablas Español? Is Spanish a challenge for you?

What often prevents people from moving to Spain is the Spanish language. People don’t speak it and are afraid they won’t be able to express themselves sufficiently. Learning a new language never is ‘A piece of cake’, but it is certainly not an impossible task.

Learning the Spanish language

If you want to move to Spain, you can choose to learn the Spanish language. You can do this here in Flanders or on the spot. Learning the Spanish language in your home country has the big advantage that you can easily ask questions in Dutch.

But learning Spanish on the spot also has some advantages. Just think of making contacts with the locals. Since not all people in Spain can speak English, it is obvious that you know some terms.

Be informed about current events

Being aware of Spanish current affairs has many advantages: You won’t have any surprises, you immediately have a subject to talk about on the spot and so on. Of course you can follow the news on Spanish TV channels or read Spanish newspapers. If your Spanish isn’t 100% yet, there are other possibilities as well.

On Belgian newspaper sites you can filter news by country, so you are aware of the big news from Spain. If you want some extra details, you can visit this Dutch site.

Fortunately there are the services of InvestinSpain

You really can’t learn the Spanish language? Do you have no feeling with the Spanish language and will you be able to do it yourself in English? That’s no problem either! Thanks to the services of InvestinSpain, the Spanish language won’t become a problem anymore. We translate all important Spanish documentation, we take care of the application for the N.I.E. number, but also the opening of a bank account and the appointment of a notary & lawyer.

Discover our other services!

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