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Guidance provided by an IPI/BIV agent: why is it important?

Posted by Ken Klaver on February 19, 2021

You want to invest in real estate in Spain, or perhaps buy a holiday home on the Costa del Sol. But where do you start? What are the pitfalls, but also the opportunities? In this article we explain why the guidance of a BIV estate agent is so important if you want to buy a new or used property in Spain.

Professional guidance in Costa del Sol

Buying real estate in the Costa del Sol region is not something you can do without careful consideration. It is after all a large investment, and moreover a matter and a region where most people are not familiar with. Therefore choose a real estate agent specialized in the region you are looking for. INVESTINSPAIN is an IPI/BIV real estate agent who provides guidance in Spain, particularly in the Costa del Sol region: from Malaga to Gibraltar.

To regulate the profession of real estate agent, the Belgian IPI/BIV was created in 1993. This organization controls the real estate broker and protects the consumer.

In Spain, in the year 2020, this still does not exist. So anyone can become a real estate agent, whenever they want, with all the consequences that this entails….

So our advice is very clear; Get guidance from a IPI/BIV real estate agent, who is specialized in Spanish real estate, preferably in the region you want.

You can enjoy 5 important advantages:


  1. A secure 3rd party account to receive any deposits.
  2. An IPI/BIV agent must follow a regulated deontology, under penalty of expulsion!
  3. Every IPI/BIV agent has professional indemnity insurance to protect consumers.
  4. Every IPI/BIV agent needs to demonstrate his or her real estate expertise, and to keep it up to standard. Academic training and real estate exams are the tools for this.
  5. Local office in own country, for contractual matters, information sessions, … in our case we have offices in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.



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