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At home in Tenerife

Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary Islands, is a true oasis known for its breathtaking landscapes, sun-drenched beaches and a pleasant climate throughout the year. But this island offers more than just a vacation destination. It is also a great place to live. In this blog, we discover why Tenerife is the perfect place to find your dream home and enjoy life in paradise.

The pleasant climate

One of the biggest attractions of Tenerife is its mild climate all year round. The average temperature fluctuates between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, making the island seem to have an eternal spring. The constant sunlight and warm temperatures make for a relaxing lifestyle and provide numerous opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking and water sports.

The natural beauty of Tenerife

Tenerife is blessed with incredible natural beauty. The island is home to the majestic Pico del Teide, Spain’s highest mountain (and also a volcano), surrounded by a spectacular national park. From lush green valleys and forests to black sand beaches and impressive cliffs, Tenerife’s landscape is varied and enchanting. The island offers endless opportunities to enjoy nature, whether hiking through the Anaga Rural Park, relaxing on the golden beaches of Playa de Las Teresitas or spotting whales and dolphins on a boat tour.

El Teide
Tenerife hosts the majestic Pico del Teide

Quality of life

Living in Tenerife means enjoying an excellent quality of life. The locals are known for their friendliness and hospitality, making you feel right at home. The island has modern infrastructure, quality health care and a wide range of amenities, including international schools, shopping centers, restaurants and recreational activities. Moreover, crime is low and the island offers a sense of security and peace of mind.

Cultural diversity

Tenerife is a melting pot of cultures, where people from all over the world come together. The unique blend of Spanish, Latin American and African influences can be seen in local cuisine, music and festivals. The island regularly hosts colorful events, such as Carnival, where locals and visitors dance and party together. Tenerife’s cultural heritage can also be seen in its charming towns and villages, where traditional architecture and historical sites have been preserved. The island offers a vibrant and diverse cultural scene, with art galleries, theaters and music festivals taking place throughout the year.

Local cuisine

As mentioned above, local dishes are heavily influenced by Spanish, Latin American and African influences. The most famous dish is the Conejo en salmorejo: rabbit meat marinated for hours in a sauce of white wine, olive oil, vinegar, garlic and herbs. After this, the meat is fried and served with a local form of potatoes: papas arrugadas cooked in salted water with lemon.

Traditional dishes from mainland Spain, such as paella and calamares are also often found on the island. With or without a Canary touch. Moreover, Tenerife (being an island) is also known for its many seafood dishes.

Charming towns in Tenerife

Tenerife is home to several charming towns, each with its own unique character and appeal. Here are some of the most popular towns on the island:

La Laguna

Located in northern Tenerife, La Laguna is a historic town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for its beautiful colonial architecture, cobblestone streets and lively atmosphere. The city houses the University of La Laguna, giving it a vibrant student life. The historic center offers charming squares, churches and historic buildings, as well as cozy cafes, restaurants and boutiques.

La Laguna
La Laguna

Puerto de la Cruz

Also located on the north coast of Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. It is an atmospheric city with a mix of traditional charm and modern amenities. Puerto de la Cruz is known for its beautiful beaches, such as Playa Jardín and Playa Martianez, as well as its famous botanical gardens. The city also has a vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Puerto de la cruz 1
Puerto de la Cruz

Los Cristianos

In the south of Tenerife lies Los Cristianos, a former fishing village that has grown into a lively seaside resort. It is known for its beautiful beaches, such as Playa de los Cristianos, and its picturesque port where ferries leave for neighboring islands. Los Cristianos offers a wide range of restaurants, stores and recreational activities. It still retains some of its original charm, with narrow streets and whitewashed houses.

1920 los christianos tenerife spain 2015 fishing boats moored in the harbor 1
The port of Los Cristianos (Copyright: Philip Bird)

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

As the capital of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a vibrant city with a lively culture and diverse architecture. It is a modern city with impressive shopping streets, bustling markets, excellent restaurants and lively entertainment venues. Santa Cruz is home to the annual Carnival of Tenerife, one of the largest and most spectacular carnivals in the world. The city also has beautiful beaches, such as Las Teresitas, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

auditorio de tenerife at the city of santa cruz de tenerife
The auditorio in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

These towns are just a sampling of the many beautiful places Tenerife has to offer. Each town has its own unique characteristics and offers an array of amenities, culture and history to enjoy. Whether you choose the historic charm of La Laguna, the laid-back beach atmosphere of Puerto de la Cruz, the vibrant energy of Los Cristianos or the modern vibrancy of Santa Cruz, you are sure to find a town that perfectly suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Real estate opportunities in Tenerife

Tenerife offers a wide range of real estate opportunities. And prices in the Spanish islands experienced a very strong recovery since 2012-2013 (In the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands, prices increased more than on the mainland), making the island attractive for people looking for a second home (that retains its value), an investment or a permanent move.

The absolute real estate hotspot on the island is in the South around Costa Adeje, Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos. Here, due to the excellent location, the homes are also slightly more expensive. This southwest side of the island also catches the least wind thanks to the mountains to the northeast of the region. Therefore, the climate here is ideal all year round.

Solum Tenerife
Solum: Tenerife offers a wide range of real estate opportunities

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Living in Tenerife is like living in an eternal paradise. With its pleasant climate, breathtaking natural beauty, high quality of life, cultural diversity and diverse real estate opportunities, the island offers everything you need for a fulfilled life. Whether you are looking for rest and relaxation or adventure and exploration, Tenerife welcomes you with open arms. Quickly discover our projects in Tenerife!

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