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Meteor Andalusia: Green glow seen over Granada and Andalusia

Meteor Andalusia: On April 14 at 00:35 GMT, an impressive fireball passed through part of the sky of Andalusia. This fireball was recorded with the detector of the SMART Project used at the observatories of Calar Alto in Almería, La Hita in Toledo, Huelva, Seville and Sierra Nevada and La Sagra, both in the province of Granada. Two of the external cameras at the Calar Alto Observatory in Almería also tracked the fireball, which made for this beautiful photo:

Meteorite Andalusia
Photo of Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory

The detached piece of rock from an asteroid entered our atmosphere at a speed of 65,000 mph. The luminous part of the meteor’s fall in Andalusia began at an altitude of 90 km, just above the border between Malaga and Granada. The meteor then moved northeast, crossed the province of Granada and ended at 25 km altitude over the province of South Jaen.

A few days earlier, on 11/04, a meteorite also fell visibly from eastern Spain. A meteorite was then also visible in Belgium and the Netherlands. The latter may have ended its trajectory in the North Sea.

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