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Buying luxury home in Spain

Luxury house buying in Spain – Upmarket property buying abroad is not so obvious. For example, not only are real estate taxes different, but your interests are just being defended by the notary, but by an attorney. Good information about a property purchase in Spain is therefore indispensable. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is best to be guided by an expert in the Spanish real estate market. Find out how INVESTINSPAIN helps you buy your dream home in Spain!

    1. Buying a house in Spain what to look out for?
    2. Buying your house in Spain through INVESTINSPAIN

1. Buying a house in Spain: what to look out for?

Reliable real estate agent in Belgium and Spain

INVESTINSPAIN has offices in both Belgium and Spain. As a result, you can always rely on our nearest office before, during and after your purchase. It is at
legal level
reassuring that we speak your language and we can always provide you with accurate translations of documents. In addition, we know the Costa del Sol and its real estate market through and through. This allows us to properly advise you on your tax arrangements and provide you with legal advice during the purchase process.

Inspection trip to see your dream home

INVESTINSPAIN always invites you after appointment at the office on inspection trip to visit the property of your dreams. You don’t have to go out on your own, without expertise to pick out a house. Thanks to the guided inspection, you can be sure that everything is in order, get all your questions answered and make decisions regarding
, utilities and maintenance. INVESTINSPAIN offers a
service package
to support you in all these matters.

Tax advice for second residence abroad

We can advise you on the tax implications of buying a second home in Spain. In short, we inform you what to look out for. Anyone who owns property in Spain as a foreigner becomes a taxpayer in Spain. How these taxes are calculated and how much you have to pay is still unknown to the average Belgian. Supported for a
team of tax professionals and lawyers
, we are happy to help you understand this matter. That way you are well informed when you sign the purchase contract.

huis kopen in Spanje

2. Buying your house in Spain through INVESTINSPAIN

As you note, with us, your comfort comes first. We help you navigate all the dark waters of a second stay abroad. This way you always know where you stand. Thanks to our specialization, we take away all your worries. You can enjoy the Spanish life to the fullest while INVESTINSPAIN takes care of the practicalities.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!


Not sure yet exactly where exactly you want to buy a house in Spain? As an estate agent specialized in the Costa del Sol, we offer you numerous projects, on this beautiful southern coast. Based on your information, we will send you some connecting projects after the survey!

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