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Legal & financial advice

Professional advice is ‘key’ in our service package, and certainly when it comes to legal advice and/or financial advice.

In Spain your interests are not served by a notary, but by a lawyer. INVESTINSPAIN supports on a team of lawyers and tax experts who speak Dutch, English, French and Spanish. They ( work with fixed assigned lawyers and tax specialists for our customers. That’s why a customized service is possible.

In addition to the usual legal control programs of the property when you buy, they can also answer your financial questions. Buying property through a company? A new Spanish company, or your own existing company? Buying private? Usufruct? Inheritance law? Our lawyers and tax specialists will answer all your questions.

Furthermore, they will help you fulfill local formalities like for example:

  • registration concerning land register
  • request of a N.I.E. number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)
  • opening a local bank account
  • Request your rental-number (in case you would like to rent your property)
  • notary onsite
  • lawyer onsite

On top of the purchase price, the general rule is that you should count on approximately 12-14% (resale vs. new construction) extra costs. These include:

  • Transfer tax (8-10% depending on the purchase price) for resale or VAT (10%) for new construction.
  • The notary fees and all kinds of taxes: +/-3%
  • Lawyer: +/-1,21%

We are happy to receive you in one of our offices

The Netherlands

Are you looking for a bank loan to buy a house? We can give you advise concerning financial institutions in your country that offer mortgage in Spain. We have also opportunities for companies.

Once the purchase is completed, your lawyer will help you with the contracts concerning the local utilities, opening a bank account (e.g. direct debit for gas, electricity and water bills) and he will inform the administrator of the project that you are the new owner.

Every year, as the owner of a property in Spain, you are required to submit a Spanish tax declaration. Your lawyer can also help you with this.

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