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Luxury villa building in Marbella: The essential guide

If you viewed all the beauty Marbella has to offer at the beach. And you admire a Jacuzzi here and a luxurious rooftop terrace there, but even the most fully equipped gym and an infinity pool overlooking the beach in no way meets what you had in mind.

Well, with the help of an expert real estate agent like InvestinSpain, you can design the perfect off-plan luxury villa to match the image of your dream home.

Not sure how to make your dream come true? InvestinSpain has put together a handy guide on how to buy your off-plan luxury villa in Marbella, from the best places to find your property, how much it is likely to cost, and what makes your villa so luxurious and not just another vacation home!

Download the new construction investment guide

new construction investment mockup 2022 costa del sol ebook iis

The best locations in Marbella for an off-plan luxury villa

Marbella is an area in southern Spain in the province of Malaga between the foothills of the impressive Sierra Blanca mountain range. One of the most popular parts of Spain’s beautiful, sun-drenched Costa del Sol thanks to its beautiful weather, natural landscape and growing infrastructure, it attracts many expats and tourists who are all looking for a slice of Mediterranean heaven.

This area belonging to the autonomous region of Andalusia is a great option for those who want to move into a private estate or luxury urbanization, and who can afford it. Better yet, why not look at an off-plan property that meets your specifications, right in the perfect spot, that you will only regret not doing sooner! Here are some of the best places for your luxury villa in Marbella.

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The Golden Mile

Probably the most famous spot in Marbella is the Golden Mile, the strip of land between Puerto Banus and Marbella city that has earned its name not only for its golden beaches and glittering sun, but also for the many luxury properties you find along its expansive coastline. You certainly don’t have to worry about your luxury villa here standing out among the exclusive beach clubs, resort hotels and penthouses and villas owned by millionaires.

marbella 6458 xl

Sierra Blanca

Known as the jewel in Marbella’s crown, and often described as the Beverly Hills of Marbella, it is no secret that Sierra Blanca is a highly sought after place for those looking for a luxury property on the Costa del Sol. It has its own high security level and takes the safety of its residents very seriously to ensure their continued comfort and uninterrupted relaxation in the Spanish sun.

Nueva Andalucia

While certainly worthwhile on the list of desirable spots for a luxury villa in Marbella, Nueva Andalucia boasts a plethora of different real estate options and settings. Here residents are assured of peace and quiet without missing the nearby amenities and bars and restaurants within walking distance in Puerto Banus. Known as the Golf Valley, Nueva Andalucia is a great option, especially for the avid golfer, or if you prefer to sit back and people watch, there are plenty of cafes where you can chill out and watch the world go by.

nueva andalucia

San Pedro de Alcantara

If your ideal Spanish location is somewhere where your luxury villa fits well but also offers the quintessential, authentic Spanish experience, look no further than the old farming community of San Pedro de Alcantara. From narrow cobblestone streets, traditional tapas bars and quaint boutiques, you can step almost directly onto the beach after crossing palm-lined Avenida del Marques del Duero and the picturesque promenade.

san pedro 1

Puerto Banus

Don’t be surprised if you run into uber-rich yacht owners and the occasional celebrity in Puerto Banus, who come here en masse (especially during the nicer-than-normal weather in the summer months) for the expensive designer stores and high-end clubs and parties. If you get tired of staring at jaguars and Ferraris (and oh did we mention the yachts), Puerto Banus also has three beaches where you can lounge, or that you can admire from your luxury villa if you wish.

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How much does a luxury off-plan villa in Marbella cost?

Off-plan property is a pre-construction property homeowners and real estate investors can purchase at a lower price. These cheaper properties are only blueprints and have not yet been built. For investors, the appeal of purchasing off-plan properties is the lower price point and the potential for capital gains.

Properties with large areas and beautiful landscapes, such as a villa in Marbella, may not be the most affordable option for everyone, and few buyers may know that off-plan properties offer a cheaper alternative for resale.

Now is the time to talk about costs, so you can get an idea of exactly how much your off-plan luxury villa on the Costa del Sol will cost you.

Marbella’s new construction offer continues to grow, as the Costa del Sol is one of the most sought-after places in Europe to own property and will always attract foreign buyers. Not all homes offered are off-plan, some projects are already completed but still have units available.

Every new construction project in Spain is now bound by strict rules that protect buyers. By law, the developer must have a bank guarantee or insurance before obtaining a building permit, and the title deed cannot be issued until the complex has received its first occupancy permit. These licenses guarantee full consumer protection. The deal cannot be closed until both permits are granted.

Off-plan villas for sale in Marbella region

What makes a Marbella villa luxurious?

As one of the most famous resorts for the rich and famous in Spain, it is no surprise that Marbella is considered something of a luxury destination, and its properties, especially its villas, are no exception. But when you are surrounded by so many yachts, private pools and gated communities, you may wonder what actually makes a villa a luxury property, rather than a regular villa (albeit a posh one, after all, we are talking about Marbella).


Back to basics: the term villa comes from Latin, where the word “villa” was used in Rome in the 1600s to refer to the summer home of the Roman elite. That means that once you drop the v-bomb when you talk about real estate, you can expect pretty big things from the start.

Since then, we have taken this even further, because who doesn’t look at a perfectly good mansion and think, I wonder what would make this better? Thus was born the luxury villa, a home usually built for one family, on a somewhat secluded property; it turns out that such an opulent home often takes up quite a bit of space. But in places like Marbella, villas are often part of a larger community of people who have a similar idea. Well, if you have the wealth, why not flaunt it!

Luxury villas in particular are often located on beautiful landscapes (Marbella, check!) with their own private gardens and sometimes even vineyards; if Oprah gets her own avocado orchard, why shouldn’t you have your own unlimited access to wine!

Luxury swimming pools

If you live in Marbella, you’ve probably already secured a spot for your luxury villa overlooking the sea, but that doesn’t mean a private pool (or two) would be out of place. And why make the difficult choice between a deluxe in-ground pool and an infinity pool when you can have both, just to be on the safe side. Not to mention the Jacuzzi, of course. Where else can you relax with your champagne after a long day (or halfway through the long day, whichever you prefer).

13 Alma pool side view2
render Alma

Additional facilities

As for features, if you design your own off-plan luxury villa, you might as well make sure it has everything you need, or you might as well pick an old one off the market! If you are a true fitness fanatic, why not install your own personal gym on your property, and to relax in the evening you can also have a cinema room.

To enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery and sunsets on the Costa del Sol, you can add a spacious balcony to your home, and if you feel like a little exercise during the cooler hours of the day, you can build your own tennis or basketball court for you and the rest of your family to enjoy.

South Bay I Gym

Luxury villa projects for sale in Marbella

For sale
new offer

Villa Marbella Club Golf

On demand
Villa Marbella Club Golf: Unique high-end villa overlooking the golf course This breathtak
For sale

Villa in Monte Mayor

For € 4.900.000
Villa Monte Mayor: Move-in ready 7 bedroom property with sea views for €4,900,000 This uni
For sale

Villa Playa San Pedro

Price on request
Villa Playa San Pedro: Beachfront villa project between Puerto Banus and San Pedro de Alca
Niels Bruggeman
For sale

Marbella club golf – Villa Alegria

Price on request
Marbella club golf – Villa Alegria: Exceptional new build villa with excellent mount
For sale
new offer

Zenity Cyan

From € 1.779.000
Zenity Cyan: Exclusive villas with sea views close to Estepona center Zenity Cyan is an ex
Niels Bruggeman
For sale
new offer

ATTA villas

€ 1.495.000
ATTA villas: 8 villas in the heart of the Golf Triangle on the New Golden Mile ATTA Villas
Niels Bruggeman

Las Villas del Tenis – Tenerife

From € 2.035.000
Las Villas del Tenis: Luxury villas with views of La Gomera in the Abama community Las Vil
Niels Bruggeman


From € 4.000.000
Corallisa: 20 exceptional villas in Ibiza with panoramic views – From 4,000,000 Cora
For sale
new offer

Siam Blue – Tenerife

From € 2.850.000
Siam Blue: Modern villas with sea views in the heart of Costa Adeje, Tenerife – from
Niels Bruggeman
For sale
new offer

Black Pearl Marbella

From € 5.980.000
Black Pearl Marbella: 4 exclusive frontline beach villas in Marbella – From €5,980,0
Niels Bruggeman

Villa Alegria: Luxury new construction project InvestinSpain

In one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella, Marbella club golf, the Belgian company INVESTINSPAIN is developing this magnificent villa amidst the greenery. Sea views, golf views over Marbella club golf and lush nature characterize this plot of more than 6,000m2!

The villa includes 776m2 indoor area and 357m2 terraces, divided into 3 floors, each with their own individuality!

Below are the bodega, exclusive garage for 5 cars, technical rooms, gym and 3 suites each with dressing room and bathroom.
From every room and gym one enjoys the view into the lush nature that we deliberately left untouched. Deer walk here on a regular basis through the 5000m2 wooded area you are looking at from this floor.

Up here we have the entrance hall with checkroom, guest toilet, living room, dining-area, kitchen and 2nd kitchen. From each of these spaces one has a view across the crests of the forest to the sea, the gulf and the beautiful mountain scenery. Due to its south orientation, the villa with connecting pool also enjoys the Mediterranean sun all day.
This part of the house includes 202m2 of interior space and 160m2 of terraces, as well as a 75m2 swimming pool, which overflows to 3 sides and where the water is level with the terraces.

Finally, the upper level consists of the Master bed- & bathroom, with an indoor area of 84m2 and connecting 127m2 terraces. From these terraces you can enjoy your built-in Jacuzzi, semi-covered chill-out area by a built-in bioclimatic pergola.

Modern white villa Marbella

On each floor, the glass panes are TRUE floor-to-ceiling with minimalist aluminum partitions to maintain maximum integration between inside and outside, even with closed panels.

Marbella has been known in recent years for its modern, white ‘blocky’ villas, which we wanted to stay as far away as possible from with this design, by incorporating as many natural elements as possible into the design, thus ‘blending’ with the natural environment around it. Especially since the villa is partially “retracted” into the mountainside, integration into nature is extremely important.

Of course, this gem is being built by one of Marbella‘s most renowned contractors, so construction quality is absolutely guaranteed!

Located in the green territory of Benahavís, but just far enough from the hustle and bustle, this is also your ideal Zen location, with everything yet within very accessible distance. 15km from Puerto Banús, 4km from Cancelada (shortest village) and 13km from Estepona.


Would you like more info regarding the Villa Alegria? Or do you have practical questions? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for an interview in one of our offices in Belgium or Spain.

  • Floorplans
  • Features
  • Airconditioning
  • Mountain and Sea View
  • Storage
  • Double glazing
  • Ensuite bathrooms
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Garage
  • Golfzone
  • Gym
  • Jacuzzi
  • Basement
  • Open plan design
  • Private garden and swimming pool
  • Spacious terraces

Want to know more? View the full listing here:

Things to keep in mind when buying off-plan homes

One of the biggest selling points for off-plan homes is the lower price, but the lower cost comes with some increased risks. investinSpain will guide you through the process, but you should also keep the following steps in mind.

  1. Get a bank guarantee
    , After the 2014 economic crisis in Spain, banks are now offering guarantees to protect buyers and developers. Outbreaks sometimes lead to financial problems, and a bank guarantee protects buyers in the event of such unpredictable cases. A bank guarantee obtained for an individual property offers good protection for your new villa.
  2. Know the specifications of the off-plan home
    , Like renting a house, knowing the exact details of your property holds both parties accountable. A detailed list helps buyers hold their developer accountable for the designs and developments they promised. It also protects developers from buyers who have unrealistic expectations of the property and make requests that are beyond the scope of the project. Review your contracts before signing and be sure to include details and specifications about the off-plan property.
  3. Consider the quality of the surroundings
    , As with ordinary buildings, a property’s surroundings help determine its value – usually homes surrounded by amenities and green areas such as on the Costa del Sol are more valuable than those without.
  4. Talk to the developer about down payments
    , The law states that all deposits must be secured by a bank guarantee after planning approval. Your developer must have all legal papers and a document proving that the land is in his name – InvestinSpain will guide and advise you on this. Certificates will provide information about the land, boundaries, and planning situation regarding restrictions, public footpaths, green areas, and other building plans.
  5. Signing the contract
    , Signing a contract is the final step in securing your beautiful off-plan villa. When you sign the contract, the total balance and deadline for completion will be detailed. Once construction is complete, you will receive a Finalization Certificate from the developer and a License of First Occupancy proving that the home is in habitable condition.

Frequently asked questions about buying a villa in Marbella

Why is Marbella so popular after the covid-19 pandemic?

Marbella is om een paar redenen populair na de covid-19 pandemie.Why is Marbella so popular after the covid-19 pandemic? First, it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe, with its beautiful beaches, scenic views and vibrant nightlife. Second, it has a great climate, with sunny days and mild winters, perfect for outdoor activities. Third, it is a safe destination with strict security protocols to ensure visitor safety. Finally, Marbella has a wide range of accommodation, dining and entertainment options, allowing visitors to enjoy a varied vacation experience.

Is buying a villa in Marbella a good investment?

It is difficult to say whether buying a villa in Marbella is a good investment because it depends on several factors. The cost of property in Marbella is often high, so it is important to make sure you choose a good location that you can rent out or sell for more than you paid. It is also important to make sure that you consider the local economy, infrastructure and the cost of maintenance. When considering whether a villa in Marbella is a good investment, it is wise to seek advice from a specialized real estate agent.

Are house prices in Marbella becoming more and more expensive?

House prices in Marbella have been rising for years, but in recent years the increase has been less pronounced. Prices are not currently rising as much as before, but it is difficult to predict whether prices will rise or fall in the future.

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